Volunteers in Montecito

Volunteers in Montecito


Our Instagram is the best way to get live updates on when/where we'll be working. We generally work on Mondays and Wednesdays in Montecito and some weekends in Ojai/Ventura. More information below. If you would like to work weekends in Montecito, please contact the Bucket Brigade directly.


- We work Mondays and Wednesdays, under the direction of the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade
- Meet at 8:15am at Lower Manning Park
- From there we carpool to the work site(s)
- Must be 18+
- Please wear: jeans/tear-resistant pants, a hat, long sleeves, and solid work or muck boots (contact us if you need to borrow some)
- Please bring: water, sunglasses or safety glasses, and gloves if you have them
- All PPE (masks, glasses, gloves, hand-washing stations, sanitizer, etc.) will be provided.
- Lunch and water provided. 
- We work until about 2:30pm, then head back to our cars (at Lower Manning) and try to beat traffic! 

Ojai & Ventura County

- We generally work on Saturdays and Sundays
- Meet at 8am behind Iron & Resin (324 E. Main St, Ventura)
- From there we carpool to the work site(s)
- Must be 18+
- Please wear: jeans/tear-resistant pants, a hat, and good boots (work or hiking boots)
- Please bring: water, sunscreen, something with long sleeves (for warmth/coverage), snacks
- We normally work until about 5pm, then head back to I&R and often grab beers or dinner


We are so grateful for the immense generosity we've seen in our communities (and neighboring communities all throughout California and the US!). Donating money helps us to keep our crews safe and equipped, lets us buy specific items for the families we're working with (e.g. tack, tools, furniture, dishes), and helps with raw materials like lumber. 

Click here to see a live list of needs from the families we work with... this list is updated as often as possible. Please let us know (info@help-california.org) if you'd like to purchase or donate something from the list! 

We are not currently accepting donations of clothes or housewares (unless specifically on the list above), as we have found that people often have more of a need for other items, or else prefer gift cards—Target, Vons, and Lowes are best—so they can get what they need. 

We are an official 501c3 and are happy to work with corporate entities, gift-matching programs, etc. Please reach out if you have any questions!