More evacuation orders lifted

CAL FIRE released an announcement this morning and another this afternoon. Many zones that were in the evacuation warning area are now open. Check out this evacuation/repopulation map to see which areas are accessible.

Residents need to be aware that the areas being lifted have very limited services. Prior to returning home, residents are encouraged to take steps to ensure they have food, water, and fuel for their vehicles.

If you do decide to enter these areas, please exercise extreme caution, and keep the following information in mind (info from CAL FIRE):

Health and Safety

Affected areas are still very cut off. You can expect:
• No Power
• No Phone/Cell Service
• No Water
• No ability to call 911

Debris and ash from burned properties may contain toxic substances due to the presence of synthetic and hazardous materials. Many building materials contain asbestos. Household hazardous waste such as gasoline, cleaning products, pesticides, and other chemicals may have burned in the fire. These materials can become concentrated in ash and soil and are hazardous to you and your family.


Burned properties will have the following health and safety risks for residents:
• Potential of falling limbs and trees.
• Potential of collapsing walls or chimneys.
• Entrapment hazards due to burned tree roots, collapsed or compromised septic tanks, missing septic tank covers or collapsed basements.
• All water including well water may be contaminated, bottled drinking water should be used.
• An N95 face mask will not protect against asbestos.

What to wear

• Boots, jeans, gloves, long sleeves, dust masks, and eye protection.
• Do not wear shorts or flip flops.

Other tips

• Use extreme caution when in and around what appears to be cold ash, it still may contain heat
• Constantly be aware of your surroundings.
• Work in pairs and groups.
• Stay task focused and do your best to avoid distractions while you’re working.

Property Clean-Up

Butte County is working to secure assistance from State agencies that will ensure proper handling and disposal of debris and ash from the fire. In the meantime, in order to protect your health and the health of your neighbors and your community, property owners shall not move any ash and debris without authorization from Butte County Environmental Health.

Tree Damage

Many trees have been identified as hazardous due to the fire and will be removed in the coming days. These trees may be on your property or near your property. Upon return, you may see trees marked with white spray paint with the code:
• P1 (extreme hazard, may fall at any time)
• P2 (hazardous, scheduled for removal)

Electrical Hazards

Please treat any and all down power lines or wires as energized and live with the potential to cause serious injury, up to and including death.

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